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nChannel Successfully Completes eBay’s Compatible Application Check

nChannel, creator of the cloud-based multi-channel management platform, announced today that it passed eBay’s Compatible Application Check process enabling tighter integration between the marketplace and nChannel’s platform. nChannel is also a member of the eBay Developers Program, which gives third party applications access to program resources to create innovative solutions that make it faster and easier for users to buy and sell items on the eBay marketplace.

Utilizing eBay’s open and easy-to-use development platform, nChannel has created an eBay Connector that connects the marketplace to a variety of eCommerce, point-of-sale (POS), ERP and accounting systems through nChannel’s multi-channel management platform. The Compatible Application Check validates nChannel’s compatibility with eBay and ensures a more seamless and efficient method of sharing data between the two platforms. It also increases the number of allowed transactions per day from 5,000 to 1.5 million.

“As a multi-channel management platform, we are highly focused on creating strong connections with various types of sales channels including POS systems, eCommerce solutions and online marketplaces,” explains Chris Brown, nChannel’s Chief Technology Officer. “This certification is another step in the right direction to enabling our customers to manage the flow of data between their sales channels, back-end systems and suppliers through a single platform.”

nChannel’s multi-channel management platform with the eBay Connector automates the initial upload and updates for item data, inventory synchronization, and sales transactions between the eBay marketplace and the seller’s back-end systems to eliminate slow and error-prone manual processes. The platform also provides a management console that invokes business rules to proactively manage business processes and provides visibility to sellers so they can monitor orders, correct errors, and service customers quickly and reliably.