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Herschel Supply Manages Thousands of eCommerce Orders in Five Months Using nChannel Connector

nChannel, creator of cloud-based multi-channel management platform and exhibitor at this week’s Magento Imagine 2013 conference, is pleased to announce that The Herschel Supply Company has selected to use nChannel’s Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP connectors to integrate their eCommerce and fulfillment systems. nChannel, in conjunction with Tacit Management Consulting, began the integration in November just in time to help Herschel streamline their fulfillment process for their critical holiday season. As a growing company, Herschel knew that continuing to manually entering eCommerce orders into their ERP system could bottleneck their growth. As a result of their nChannel integration Hershel has been able to process and fulfill thousands of orders across North America since November.

With online stores in both U.S. and Canada, Herschel Supply is using nChannel’s Magento connector to synchronize and syndicate their product data between their eCommerce sites and resource planning. By using nChannel connectors Herschel was able to move their eCommerce data onto the nChannel platform, where they could easily manage product data living in both their Magento and GP systems. With each nChannel connector they added, Herschel eliminated a time-consuming, error-prone manual task and implemented a scalable automated process. It takes just a few minutes now to synchronize data between systems when it used to be a lengthy manual process to complete.

“We’ve known first-hand that expanding our brand into multiple channels increased sales,” said Lan Nguyen, Operations Director at Herschel Supply Company. “But we also know that we couldn’t be successful using multiple channels without efficiently managing our product data.”

Herschel reports that their multichannel sales model has helped them grow. Over the past nine months, Herschel has added 20 new jobs in strategic positions.  Manpower that – prior to the nChannel integration – would have been devoted to data entry has now been focused on strategic positions that are helping expand their business and increase their sales.

To learn more about connecting eCommerce sites to ERP, POS, accounting, and supply chain systems, nChannel invites Magento Imagine attendees to stop by booth #45 or contact them today at info@nchannel.com.


Full story: http://www.nchannel.com/2013/04/09/herschel-supply-manages-thousands-of-ecommerce-orders-in-five-months-using-nchannel-connector/