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New to Navision and would like to hear some best practices -- in Chicago area, USA

Greetings all,


We are just getting up and running on NAV 5.0 and would like to talk to some local businesses that are running NAV today, to share some info and best practices.  If anyone is located near the Chicago area and would like to give us some info, please let me know.

  • I would ask your Solution Center to get some local businesses.
  • In reply to Rashed Amini:

    When I used to work in New York City the solution center I worked for (Business Management International) was hosting "user group" meetings every other month, where they invited their NAV customers with the purpose of having them meet each other (and of course they hoped to sell a bit more). But it was very popular.

    So if your own solution center doesn't holds similar meetings, then ask them to do so (or ask one of the other partners in your area about it). You can also look for other companies in your area in the Other User Groups  forum.