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CMMI for Services andoption for NSC (CMMI-SVC)


We are strating project to develop CMMI Level 3 process model for Solution Center. The task is to develop set of well defined processes and artifacts that will allow any company operate according CMMI Level 3 process.  

 Model will include 3 areas: Implementation, Development, Support

 Let me know if you are interested in partisipating or investing in the project.


  • Hello Valentin,

    Sounds like a nice framework to put in place ...

    Have you got any plans in implementing stuffs like TDD (Test Driven Development) and maybe some stuffs derive from the Agile Methodology ...

    I think I will lack the time to be deeply involve in your project but would love to follow up on what your doing

    Best Regards from France,


  • In reply to Tarek Demiati:

    We are more focused on Agile Methodology with focus on CMMI driven process.The end result what we want achieve is: NSC with well defined, repeatable and independent from individual person abilities process. We understand that this is very big job and nobody in NAV world can do this alone.  Navision and Microsoft was trying to develop some implementation methodology but they never went down to low level of details. We want to get much deeper with more complex approach.  The main promise of CMMI is: process has to guarantee that project will finish successfully. We will build process and open pilot NSC where we will test processes in real life. If it is successful we will repeat/multiply NSC's in multiple countries.As of now we are in process of building Business Plan and inviting investors who will be interested in such project. The people who have already agreed to be involved have total over 100 years of implementation NSC management experience. This will be commercial project - only companies that will invest will have access to the methodology and will own pilot NSC and any NSC to follow.