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The forums in this section of DUG are no longer accepting new post, but you can still get lots of value from the old posts here.
Please visit the active forums to comment/post new questions (choose which product you are interested in):

Posting Rules

Basic rules for the forum is:
1) Only announcements and offerings that is directly pointed toward MBS products, users or resellers. I.e. new add-on products or tools, a new solution center, new employees.

2) Not allowed are announcements and offerings about other products that only indirectly or not at all are pointed agaist MBS products, users or resellers, i.e. general recruitment services, "We do it all for less than the others" or servers or hardware products.

3) The same announcement or offerings may only be posted once. This mean that a member cannot post an announcement about a new add-on more than once, unless it's an updated version with many new enhancements. It's not important that it is the same person posting the offering if it is the same company.

4) Users making posting here must publish valid information on their profile. That means a real name, a real company a real email address. Since this is a public anouncement area, you will want people to be able to get in touch with you.

All postings are moderated before made public and continuesly missuse of the forum will lead to expell the poster from posting more to this website.