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Opinions on our NAV Campaign?


I've been in the Dynamics NAV field for over 10 years, and my company is a 100% Dynamics NAV solutions center.

We have created 8-mini sites, and I wanted to get your opinions on how they look before we actually get serious about implementing this campaign. 

I wanted to get the views of NAV people in the field to see what you think, and what should be changed.

<a href+http://dynamics-nav-demo.com>Dynamics Demo Site</a>

<a href+http://dynamics-nav-support.com>Dynamics Support Site</a>

<a href+http://dynamics-nav-upgrade.com>Dynamics Upgrade Site</a>

<a href+http://dynamicsnavpricing.com>Dynamics Pricing Site</a>

  • Sorry about my first post, had an issue with the links and couldn't edit it for some reason, the moderators tried to look at it, but seems to be a glitch.  I reposted, hopefully the links work now!

    Dynamics NAV Demo


    Dynamics NAV Support


    Dynamics NAV Upgrades


    Dynamics NAV Pricing


    Navision Demo


    Navision Support


    Navision Upgrades


    Navision Pricing


  • In reply to Gerardo Paje:

    even now the links are not working....

  • In reply to Gerardo Paje:

    Gerardo Paje
    the moderators tried to look at it, but seems to be a glitch

    Really? Which moderators? That looks like advertising to me, and for advertising the moderators would refer you to the administrator.

  • In reply to Daniel Rimmelzwaan:

    Hi Daniel,

    I allowed him to post it in this forum, as I actually think that it's an interesting question he is asking.

    Yes the links doesn't work directly. And actually that's the only reason why I didn't remove them. I'm not going to feed free SEO Juice (search engine optimization juice) to commercial sites like this (and surely not for someone who is not a sponsor!). If someone would like to check out the sites, then I'm sure that they can figure out to copy the url from the first post into a browser.

    But I will go ahead and start by commenting these sites and if someone dares to put up the sites here for our "evaluation" then he deserves our full honesty. So that's what he's getting from me, which might sound a little hard.

    Because from a Dynamics community perspective then I think that these websites are worthless. They don't add any information.

    As a customer (with no NAV experience) I would actually have gotten rather annoyed with the sites. Especially to create a page called "Dynamics NAV Pricing" and then having no information about pricing!! And the same could be repeated with the page "Dynamics NAV Support", as a customer I would expect to find some online NAV support, not just a link to a contact us page or a phone number! The other pages are not better.

    The result is that end users or partners who are searching for information about ex. "Dynamics NAV Pricing" risk to end up in a marketing page with no real information! I think that's not going to help anyone. Instead I think that they might end up annoying potential customers, by having pages which very clearly was created with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it's sole purpose. And as SEO entry pages, then I think that the sites surely will serve their purpose.

    When that is said, then I must say that the sites are designed nicely.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    OK, I did not post them for advertising on this forum, I was just asking what other NAV people thought of the design before I started marketing them, and make changes.

    It's my first try at landing pages, and wanted to know what people thought of them.

    Again, I am sorry if anyone confuses them for SPAM, that was not my point.  I was looking for people in the Dynamics field who have experienced websites like this, and just to get their opinion on them.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Thank you for your review.

    Just to confirm, I am not trying to market these websites on this forum, I was just looking for NAV experienced people who have seen similar sites, and can give me some ideas on how I can improve them.

    The lack if info is because I was just using basic copy, web design details was my main focus, copy will come later when we decide to really market them.

  • In reply to Gerardo Paje:

    Hi Gerado,

    As for the design, then they look fine. It's the content that lacks...

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    I would say – website created by SEO company. One advise – if you have over 150 customers put 5 real names – this will worth much more than just put “over 50 upgrades” and “over 25 EDI”. This site makes Radiant Technology look bad actually – just landing page for dummy google search.