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What's the best ASP.NET based eCommerce solution?

I'm looking into setting up a new eCommerce site - but I'm not really going to invest a lot in it up front, so it got to be something which I know how to support - which means ASP.NET based. And that further more it means that it either should have an (almost) free version or it must be an open source solution.

My simple requirements are:

  • Paypal support
  • SQL Server 2005 based
  • ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.50
  • EU VAT support

I know of a few ASP.NET based solution, but do you know them:

DashCommerce (but doesn't have VAT support)

NopCommerce (Developed in Russia - don't know much about it but looks ok)

Finally I have also found a few based upon DotNetNuke, but that requires a full DNN setup.


Later it would be great to have an integration into Navision, but I don't need that right now.


  • I've more or less decided to continue with NobCommerce. There are a few nice non-open source systems as well, but for this I really want an open source system.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Erik P. Ernst
    I've more or less decided to continue with NobCommerce.

    Hi Erik,

    Is this NOPCommerce?

    And is it integrated with NAV? Can you please share your experience with NOPCommerce and Navision integration (if integration is already done, if not then experience with NopCommerce)?