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Dynamics Entrepreneur - is it still out there?

Dynamics Entrepreneur was released last year, but it is very little we have heard about it since.

Do you know what is going on with this product?

  • Microsoft has decided that they no longer want it....

    They stop selling it, I think in 2009. Support will continue for some years, but upgrading to 'normal' Navision will be advised.


  • In reply to a_bleumink:

    Oh! I actually think that's a shame. Entrepreneur had some really great things. Yes it wasn't "standard" NAV design, but it did things with the UI, that the standard NAV really could learn from. In my mind, then it was much more intuitiv, than standard NAV.


  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Hi Erik,

    A great shame indeed. We had planned to use it as a seeding level and the user interface was a winner. If fact I think some partners bought the Entrepreneur licence and upgreaded to NAV to use the nice UI.  If you want the offical quote - here's what my collegue forwarded to me

    After several years of testing the concept that it should seek to attract early-stage businesses as Dynamics customers, and sell them upgrades and new applications as they grow, Microsoft has decided to forsake the entrepreneurial small business marketplace. Instead, it is focused "like a laser" on targeting mid-market businesses for expanding sales of Dynamics NAV and AX applications,  Kirill Tatarinov, corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions, said in a briefing at Convergence Copenhagen 2008.

    He said that Microsoft Dynamics "experimented with" a small business version of Dynamics NAV, along with the Dynamics-developed Office Accounting and Small Business Server, "but frankly, this is not a market where a global vendor has an opportunity," he said. "It is driven by local vendors."

    Microsoft defines the NAV market as companies with between 50 and 1,000 employees, and the AX market as between 50 and 7,500 employees.
    In line with the shift in emphasis, Microsoft at the Convergence session announced the introduction of  Microsoft Dynamics Integration Components Add-In for Windows Essential Business Server 2008. According to the announcement, "This new administration console enables midsize businesses running Microsoft Dynamics solutions to simplify their management overhead and lower their total cost of ownership by administering their Microsoft Dynamics environment from within a single, familiar console where their other applications are administered."

    The add-in is initially available only to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 customers. Tatarinov indicated it will become available to NAV customers before long. It will be available for "out-of-the-box integration to manage the entire IT business structure...and reduce the cost of (software) ownershp," Tatarinov stated.

    Tatarinov said Microsoft is committed to providing ongoing support to users of Dynamics small business applications, and to helping the users migrate to the new mid-market offerings. "That migration can happen, and happen successfully...We will work with them...hopefully the technol cycle will encour them to move to new versions."


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    Thank you. Interesting to read this.

    Maybe that's the real reason why Mogens Elsberg has just announced that he's quitting his work with Microsoft. I remember he was the one from Microsoft who really was the most enthusiastic about Dynamics Entrepreneur.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    i could see two issues for Microsoft. The clear one is that this completes with their own low end accounting packages, but doesn't really compete with Quick Books or what ever other low end products there are out there. So it would detract from revenue from another business unit.

    Secondly how could it fit in the the role tailored client. It basically IS a role tailored client, but in a different way, and to try to create a NAV 2009 version of Entrepreneur would be difficult.

    I would love to have Entrepreneur available as an entry product. In fact I was even recommending that clients considering purchasing NAV, just go out ab buy Entrepreneur just to see what NAV is like. Unfortunately it never really even hit the markets I was needing it in.


    But its all marketing these days.

  • In reply to David Singleton:

    David Singleton

    Secondly how could it fit in the the role tailored client. It basically IS a role tailored client, but in a different way, and to try to create a NAV 2009 version of Entrepreneur would be difficult.

    I think this is the most valid point for the wind-down as Entrepreneur would end up creating a life of it's own and probably becoming a seperate product.