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Incadea Partner network

Anyone has experiencein working with the Incadea partner network, especially re their:

pan European network
ability to roll out a core solution across Europe
project management capability
support to local users
multi lingual helpdesk
local support (hardware + software & proximity)
single point of contact for implementation, project management and roll-out
  • Hello I can give you the following information about incadea.
    They have a Software for cardealer like an example there
    is a great company with 40 Users there system don't work
    corret.One person from Microsoft controls all Users, if some
    processes don't work correct, a person from microsoft kill them
    The support is international and mulit lingual.
    The rollout will be done by the incadea partner of countrys.

    Have fun !!![V]
  • In reply to albrecht-vet:

    Incadea is being sold off, beware

    Nobody knows about the future of Incadea. The owner, Reynolds and Reynolds, has merged with UCS and have declared that they have zero interest in Incadea, and have put it on sale. This was in August 2006 and so far no buyers. But they have clearly said that they want to get rid of Incadea so I say beware of investing in a critical software package with no future.

  • In reply to adrianardet:

     I've got a prospect which is currently using Incadea on Version 3.7, I'm wondering if the incadea engine is now available for Version 4.0 and 5.0 of Dynamics NAV (Navision)

    Adrian : Are you sure that Incadea has got no future? Does anyone has got any update on this

    I just hope Incadea will continue to be supported because it look like a brillant product, which is already used by world class companies (BMW, Peugeot just to name a few) across the globe.


  • In reply to Tarek Demiati:

    Incadea have been reacquired by the original owners that started Incadea. Incadea is a brilliant product.

    As for versioning for Incadea, it runs on a completely different version from Navision. The version in Incadea is not parallel to the versions in Navision. Incadea was customised too much, that it would not be possible to upgrade it to the standard current navision version.

    With all that said, Incadea is widely used some of the biggest car makes in the world.

  • In reply to jordi:


    Incadea have been reacquired by the original owners that started Incadea. Incadea is a brilliant product.


     Said that, people interested in Incadea information could check www.incadea.com

  • In reply to Joerg:

    I've been working as an Incadea partner for 4 years. We have customers in Europe, Africa and Indian Ocean. Incadea is mostly based on Nav 2.60 with many objects merged with 3.70 functionalities. In fact Incadea is now really independent from Nav updates, it's a deeply customized product. Incadea GmbH is currently working on a new version based on Nav 5 but there is no clear project plans around that. I can answer questions about the product if you wish to.

  • In reply to Aure69:

    incadea reacted to the strong demand for a new international version and released version on January 31st, 2008

  • In reply to Romeo:

    Our company has been working with Incadea since 2009. The DMS has the greatest capacilities as to connect every single division of a dealership into under one system.

    We are looking to get the average consumption of parts on a report. If anyone could help us to find this report.

    Thank you