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Axapta from a Navision users point of view.

Hi all, 


this is not a new topic, but one that we never really have a resolution to, and probably we are not likely to see an answer to, but I would like to discuss it again.

I am working with a company that were ready to implement Navision, the driving reason is that they want to use LS Retail as the front end for their operations, and they have experience with NAV, and know that it is a  good solution for them. The issue is sizing and performance. This is something we here all the time, i.e. NAV maxes out at 3 concurrent users, and Axapta runs 27,000 conncurrent users posting sales invoices on a single CPU server with one hard drive. OK I am exagerating, but sometimes the "facts" out there are little more than numbers made up on the spot.

So I would like to hear from people with experinece with BOTH products, and lets try to get some rational ideas together to decided where the real cut off is.

In a retail operation, the decidion for NAV Axapta is not likely to be the number of stores (assuming offline stores), but infact the number of concurrent users in the back office, and of course the number of transactions posted to the financial database. Also of course we need to factor in the sales value of items, since an ERP systme really doesn't care about the price you sell an item for, nor (too much) about how many of an item you sell, its the number of transactions per day that matter.

I think its fair to assume that in a reatail environment, there is not a great need for a high level of customization in the back office, since the biggest requirement will be reporting, not data entry. But also I would like opinions on developement, i.e. is it true that typically development in Axapta is abotu 3 times that of NAV, or is it just that "typical" Axapta customers have more money to spend, and thus do more customizations.

Also I know that this topic leads to a lot of opinions, but really I would appreciate that we keep this concentrated on real world expereince, and please compare what you know abotu Axapta to what you know about Nav, not what you read in the marketing litureature somewhere.




PS in this case I am using retail as an example, but please lets look at ALL applications where either Axapta or Navision could suit the client, and a choice needs to be made.


PPS if your company was once oriented to one of the products and is now biassing towards the other, then your comments would be most appreciated, even if the reason was related to revenue and profitiability, we still want to hear it.