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Introduction: Tino Ruijs, Brakel Atmos


I work as a Navision developer for Brakel Atmos in Uden, The Netherlands. Brakel Atmos is part of the Glass & Fire Safety Group, which is part of CRH, a big international company.
We sell and produce mainly glassroofs and fire safety products.

We have 3 Navision native databases.
V3.60 for the sales company. We have add-ons for registrating projects and human resource management. We've developed our own Service and Maintanance module. About 60 users.
V2.60 for the production company. Here also an add-on for human resource management and various big modifications for almost each module. About 40 users.
V2.00 for a small sales company. We only use the Relationship management. About 10 users.

I have one colleague who also develops in Navision. We both learned programming in Navision at Brakel Atmos. We had some courses at our NSC.

I hope I can make a useful contribution to this forum! And of course profit of your contributions!