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Introduction: Rob Bloxham Eastpoint PL (Toyota WA)

I am the IT Manager for Eastpoint's IT division, my background is in programming. The prime use of Navision is for our companies that distribute Toyota Vehicles and Parts to the dealer network within Western Australia.
We started using Navision in 2002 running V2.60 with a substantial amount of customisation from our then NSC. We now (March 2005) have a team of 6 developers and we are migrating to V3.70.
We use GL, Sales, Purchases and Payables, Inventory, Advanced Distribution (limited use) and Warehouse Management.

We have 6 companies with two more to be added once we are on V3.70. There are 200-250 users using the system daily. Our DB is over 80Gb, our Purchase orders are mostly between 1000 and 3000 lines and our Sales Orders are regularly over 100 lines with large orders in excess of 1000 lines.