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Hello everyone,

It's my pleasure to join the group and am excited and ready to learn more about Nav from everyone here. And of course, I'm a newbie to Nav as of my company is in the migrating from AS400 to Nav 2015. It has to start somewhere, isn't it? So now here I am, try to work hard and learn as much as I can as well as "hopefully" contribute back to this group with my best knowledge and sure sharing my own mistakes too. Is anybody here living in Southern California? here's your neighbor [:)] .... AH.

  • Welcome to DUG!!!

  • Hi Alex,
    Welcome to the user group and thank you for your introduction. We look at our site as a happy community and we like to know who we "talk to" in the forums and blogs.

    AS400 to NAV 2015, that's like 5 generations in the IT world!  A lot of new stuff to learn!

    If the answer is not already there, then please just ask the NAV forums! Smile