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TDS Nature of Deduction Category


I am working on NAV2013R2 IN database that is updated with latest HFof IN7.1_TFS354411_FVU3.9-4.1 and Zero TDS.

Can anyone tell me, what does the field - "Category" having option of Blank, A,C,S & T mean. In the help file of NAVISION it says -

A- Advertising

C- Contract

S- Subcontracting

But no explanation of T is given anywhere. Also, I never understood that when the TDS Group already defines TDS Sections, then what does Category Define.





  • 'T' stands for Transporter. TDS law requires separate reporting for TDS deducted from transporters.

  • In reply to ssingla:

    Thank you for your reply.

    Could you please elaborate on the use of this functionality in Purchase Order or Payments. Or it only appears on the reports.