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Difference between Navision and Tally ERP

Hi All,

Can any one explain me what is difference between Navision and Tally ERP(Means working wise).



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    Something simillar to difference between Bicycle and Car.

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    Nice Question.......

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    Good Question....

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    Thanks for the reply, i have gone through the link which provided by @mohana.

    any one has specific point which can make major difference between these two products, actually 

    have to explain some one who is using tally , these are the benefit of Navision over Tally.




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    @Mohana ,I just ckecked out the link you have shared ..great work.

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    Right now I am in my home town and in my dad's business I seen tally.erp9 working but to a limit.

    Recently we needed a customization for printing a simple letter which would print and afterwards set the date in a field.

    But the vendor told that it is not possible, as the logic would not fit in the code.

    Any ways I don't know the backbone of tally.erp9, but have to come back empty handed.

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    use our tool to integrate Tally with Navision. We have created this tool to cut-short the implementation cycle and live data transfer from Tally to Navision and Navision to Tally back.

    for more information visit http://www.punjabbulls.com/products.php?pro=tally

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    Hi Amol.


    use our tool and notes to answer your question.