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Excise Reversal

Dear All,

Kindly Suggest for the below Scenario:-

I have posted a Transfer Order with Structure as "Excise". The Shipment and Receipt against that Transfer Order has been done.

Kindly suggest how i can reverse the Excise along with transfer order Reversal.

During Shipment Accounting Entry passed is:-

Transfer To Location Account          DR.

Sales Interoffice A/C                                         CR.

Excise A/C                                                           CR.


On Receipt Accounting Entry Passed is:-

CENVAT PART-II                             DR.

Purchase Interoffice A/C               DR.

Transfer From Location A/C                           CR.


KIndly suggest how above problem will be resolved

Thanx in Advance



  • Hi Preeti,

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?


  • In reply to Amol:

    Hello Amol,

    There is no way in Navision to reverse the Transfer Order with Excise.

    The Solution that i got is either to reverse the Transfer Order with Excise by Booking Transfer Order

    or to pass a Journal Voucher to reverse the Accounting Voucher and Tax Journal for Excise Account Reversal.