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want to post excise entry on g/l entry in case of free supply in sales invoice post.

Hi Friends,

My functional consultant want to post the sales invoice and have free supply ticked and excise in structure. and when we press f9 it shows 0.00 in excise amount and net total. but he said that the rule is ,you have to pay excise in case of free supply also. But in standard cronus there is no way to do this. please help me if any hotfix or any link available or any advice to solve this
.It is very important and urgent.

Please Help.

Thanks in Advance

  • What did you mean with standart Cronus - the W1 version? Only Indian localisation of Navision is capable to deal with India's complicated tax system, and even in that localised version there are unsolved problems...

    Your question is so specific I moved it to Indian forum.

    PS Further on avoid using words like  very important and urgent - these are not welcome in public forums, for questions of that type MS paid support exists.

  • In reply to Modris Ivans:

    Hi Sharad,

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?