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Standard Deducton under Tax details tab

How to use Standard Deducton under Tax details tab. if we give the deduction % here it does not reflects in calulation of tax.

how to use this functionaliy



  • Your question is very Indian-localisation specific - I moved it to Indian forum, and please further on use that forum for such specific questions.

    PS Once one my friend from India said, that only Indians themselves are capable to understand their taxation system entirely, moreover, a rather small part of them Wink

  • In reply to Modris Ivans:

    Strange problem I didn't noticed it earlier. If sales lines are created before defining Standard Deduction % in tax details the value is not updated in Lines.

    This is a bug.......

  • In reply to Sandeep:


    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?