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Tax Calculation


Issue on Tax calculation

let us suppose i have posted a sales return order - 001 on 15-01-10 with tax 10%.......... on 08-02-10 i have created a new sales return order  for 30-01-10  with copy document with that last sales return order - 001............  but the the Tax % has changed to 8%  from 01-02-10 i require the system to post with tax 10% as it is for last month....but the system wil take posting date and calculate the tax.....Any help or Advice......


thanks in Advance


  • What is the posting date in your document. If the posting date is =>01-02-10 then system will take the 8%.

    If the transaction pertains to 31-01-10 then why don't you post it on that date itself.

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    The system should take 10%.

     tell me whether you have modified the existing tax percentage(from 10% to 8%)

    or you have created new line with different date intervals(for 8% without updating 10%)....


    hope this will help you




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    1. In the GL>Parameters>Sales tax Tab>Set the calculation date type as Document date.

    2. While posting the Sales order Posting>Invoice>Setup Tab>Set the document date as of January and post.

    3. Check the tax calculated will be at 10%

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    Can you further elaborate where is this Sales Tax Tab. It would be wonderfule to have and can save a lot many clients from the problem of returns in case of change in tax rates.

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    I hope you are not talking about AX because I replied looking at NAV.

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    Hi Suresh,

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?