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Consumption Problem

Dear Concern
I want to consume some raw materials with excise effect but there is no ouptput quantity of there Finished Item(i.e., FG),so that I can't create its Released Production Order and cant change its status to finished(because its showing me an error "You cannot finish line 10000 on Production Order RPO/0910/0003. It has consumption or capacity posted with no output." and I also cant do negative adjustment of these raw materials because by posting Negative Adjustment entries,it will not effect excise(means entries will not go in RG tables) but I want this.If it is possible with negative adjustment,then How can we achieve this? or any other solution to cunsume these entries with excise effect.

  • If, you wish to try a journal, might try a field in the journal "Excise entry", if you tick this field an entry might go in RG table.

  • In reply to Kiranisht:

    Hi Vikaram,

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?