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Customer - Vendor Combination


This is the frst time i have ever written to a Blog so sorry if i have done something wrong.

Q: Is there someway to have a customer a vendor and vice versa, The company i work for has many transactions between thier sister companies, and there is a transfer of sellable items between them, so i is very important that I can make purchases from Customers and i can sell to vendors. I know i can make credit notes but this funtionality is reserved for other transations and only works for the vendor side.

Can anyone have give me some advice what i can do?


  • The normal procedure is to create them as bith customer and vendors to be able to create the transactions, and then reconsile them against one another.
  • Thanks, I was hoping there would be some kind combination of the two, but i guess i can map them or something.
  • You could do this through contact management whereby the company contact is linked to the customer and the vendor, thereby giving you a system link, but no contra of invoicies will happen!

    I was sure there was a reference on each table - must be thinking of a different system Big Smile
  • Socrate????
  • That reference really passed me by! Is it a game? Plato?
  • http://www.microsoft.com/middleeast/industry/gem/erp/14.stm

    I am replacing Socrate with Navision, There are soo many diferences between the two, almost the whole logic is different. They have something calle PSC (personal Society Companies) these are combinations of both the vendor and Customer, The only thing i reall need to have Customer POsting group and Vendor posting group on one card this will do the same. Instead of creating a Separate Vendor and Customer
  • Well, you could also just push your sister companies to implement Navision and then just use the intercompany transaction functionality.

    Let me know if you need help on the sale.