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data director to update the databases gold build

Has anyone used data director to update the databases on a gold build, if so does anyone have a checklist or some idea as to where to begin?


  • Elo Pete,
    For the best example of default tables to use for replication take a look at the LSRetail demo database.Big Smile.

    Secondly, what are you trying to achive and could you explain "gold Build"?

  • Thanks Nic

    "Gold Build" is merely the distribution, maintenance and management of an image , captured at a point in time when development/Projects have been completed, the "gold build" in a retail environment would then be loaded onto EPOS/Head office systems , when changes are made to this image it is then back replicated to all stores (note: some stores may be standalone without a distributed network environment to HO). In short a Gold Build is the automated distributions of a development environment onto a customers live systems.

  • In reply to Peter Medcalf:

     This is usually done through the creation of a Template company that in the live enviornment.  All the most up to date data required to start a site is stored in the Template company, which is the backed up and restored as needed at the various sites.  The company's data is kept up to date via data director replication.  The objects, since they are in the same company, are natually the same as the live enviorment.  The distribution of new objects from development is usually handled via an object replication job from the test enviornment.  Again, data director handles this.