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FileName in a Dataport

This is my first Questions in this Forum.

In my Navision System I created a new Dataport to export Segment Lines from the Marketing Tool.
It works good. But now I want to start the Dataport automatically with a variable FileName.

The FileName should automatically created to "C:\Temp\" an then the Segment."No." which is exported an "TXT".

Can anyone help me and give the code to do this?

Thanks.... !

Markus !
  • From the CSIDE Reference Guide:

    Use this function to return the current setting of the FileName property of a dataport, and to set this property to a new value.

    [CurrFileName] := FILENAME([NewFileName])


    Data type: text

    The current setting of FileName property.

    Data type: text

    The new setting of FileName property.

    See the description of the FileName property for details."

    Use it in the dataport oninit trigger.

    Good luck! //Pelle
  • This i tested before i posted here in the forum.
    But it didn't work.

    I don't understand, what is my CurrFileName?
    The NewFileName is ok.

  • Hi,

    Simply put the following code in the OnInitDataport() trigger:

    MyFileName := STRSUBSTNO('C:\temp\%1.txt', Segment."No.");

    And of course, the Segment."No." must be known at the time [8D]

  • Wow ...

    It tried the code and it works !

    Thanks for your help...!