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Industry Templates:Problem importing Industry Data

When I import the import data, the following message appears:

When importing into table 5604 FA Posting Type Setup dublicates was found. Dublicates are not allowed in the Excel worksheet, import is terminated.

I allready re-installed Navision, and also imported the standard file CRONUS - FurnitureDataNL.xls

The same message appears again!

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
  • Leon,
    If you go to the Mapping 5604 and check 'AllowDuplicates' you may be able to avoid this. I do not know what, if any, side effects will result, so attempt this at your own risk. It seems as if this feature might not be ready for the general public yet. Have you reported these issues to MBS?
  • Thanks for your help! I went to table 8601 and enabled allowdublicates for every table.

    I used the standard templates, so I don't think there could be anything wrong with the implementation.

    Now I'm going to the next step. Import the data.