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Legal Reporting for GAAP

Some our clients are joint ventures with American or European investments and some has offices round the world.
So they need legal reporting for 2 or more countries, IAS and Russian (or GAAP and Russian).
I can transform ledgers thru company consolidation.
But I'm not sure if the US or UK version supports common GAAP/IAS reporting or not.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, you could have a look at the navision implementation of XBRL, included in 3.60 (?) onwards. The uk version of cronus database certainly has IAS and USGAAP specs in there as samples although I dont think they have set it up fully in the demo.

    I have seen an example of an XBRL reader in Microsoft Excel knocking about on the internet which reads the file and displays it in a human readable format.

  • Its not the one Ive seen demonstrated, but here is a link to an XBRL analysis tool. Dunno whether it works or not.