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difference between live and test

Does anybody knows a solution to prevent (stupid) users from creating orders in a test database instead of the live database. Renaming the company and changing the icon doesn't even work.[B)]
  • Try putting something in Codeunit 1 function LogInStart() that looks for prescence of certain keywords (such as "test") in the COMPANYNAME and puts a big warning message if it does.

  • You could:
    1) Remove their security in the Test system. I assume this wouldn't work as they are actually required to do work in the Test Database (If not, they wouldn't have the Icon).
    2) Use two different User ID's. One will only work in the Test system and one will only work in the Live System.

    These assume the the Live and Test systems are two different databases. If they are not, you would need to assign Roles by Company.
  • We Changed the Color Of Our Main Forms To LIME GREEN in the Test Database
  • our test database is a seperate file tho. If you change a form in one company it's global I believe.
  • I had the same problem.
    So I made a "blinking form" at the top of the Navision workspace with the companyname with visible false /TRUE and a timer.
    Fun.Stick out tongue
  • If they are so stupid, why doesn't your company invest in a new active network equipment from colt.com? Big SmileStick out tongue
    Remember kids, it's only a bad joke, don't try this at your company unless you are an official BOFH!!! Big SmileBig SmileBig Smile
  • We put a great big red ">>>TEST<<<" on the main menu.
  • Nelson
    www.colt.com has best active network equipment in town I suggest that the product mentioned in this link will suit Jan requirementhttp://www.colt.com/mil/M4Com.asp
  • There is still a problem with these methods:
    User must be able to read!
    Does somebody already try a windows media automation code that says "This is the test", every minutes?
    But ok, user still have to listen!
    What about an electrical shock on the keyboard?
  • Hi,
    I have put a big label TEST in a form that always open, under the filter button, so the user see it
  • sorry i haven't finish,
    and i call this form when the user log