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Implementation without Finance

Hi Folks ,


Here is a quicke, the customer wants a  rapid implementation without finace for the first time .

Thus Sales and Warehouse modules.

What do you suggest  ?


I was thinking to set up a dummy GL  and leave it as it is. Then , in the middle of the year do a new database and migrate transactional data over to the new db/company.




  • without finance module means what? no item cost and price? no sales revenue? no sales cogs? just record everything only quantities?
    please be more specific. 

  • In reply to Joe Marselo:

    I suggest you spend half a day with them explaining how simple finance can be configured, get a COA, set up base posting groups, do not bother about bank etc and then implement it capturing base entries, then when they do turn finance on it will not be such a massive headache. My advice would be to convince them to implement finance for all of the immediate benefits against the relative little effort now compared to the greater effort later.

  • In reply to Joe Marselo:

    I understood , yes . No item cost .  simply sales and  reports  so they can key data into an accounting system .

    Ie. Invoice, Order, Quote, Shipment,  Warehousing




  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    This may be one of the option . The problem is that they should do a cleanup of  data i.e Chart of accounts item structure etc...

    this would be a pre project.


  • In reply to faludigabor:

    Well you are going to have to create something, why not get it right at the start and save yourself a load of hassle later.

  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    You seems to go for a stepped implementation rather than a big-bang. Even though you will not be implementing Finance module I would recommend the creation of all the basic required accounts in chart of accounts. This will give you a option to scale up the implementation by including Finance module without creating new database/company. Moreover the postings can be use for demonsteration of financial impact of transactions.