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SPLA vs own license

If we as a hosting provider are running one hosting environment (different customer’s user accounts are in same AD). Nav is running from terminal server which is shared for all customers. Can customers use their own (save license in database option) Nav license including Sql Server CAL or do they have to use explicit our SPLA licensing model for both Nav and Sql Server?
  • Hi Andres,

    Yes they can use their own license.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Well hold on. If you have multiple customers on one instance of SQL Server, and you want each customer to be able to use their own license, then they will need to purchase the granule to store the license in the database. By default, the NAV license is stored in the Master database, and is shared by all NAV databases on that instance of SQL Server.

    If you have a separate instance of SQL Server for each customer, then they would not need to purchase that granule.