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Navision in Retail Industry

Can any one tell me how navision suits the requirements of retail industry with pos.What is the database used in it.Front end as well the back office. I heard only cside can only be used. Can any one explain more about it
  • Contact the folks at this location http://www.wattsup.com/pages/solutions/vert_pos.html) and they will be able to answer your questions or direct you to a more local contact.
  • Contact Alpha-Landsteinar at www.TheNavisionPeople.com. They focus mainly on retail, and they have an office in Bahrain wich is relatively close to UAE, where you are located.
  • theres one more www.infostore.is which is a Retail Navision Add-on

  • Hi,
    Fujitsu Services(the oldest and largest MBS solution center in UAE) could be the best one to contact.They are the leading suppliers of retail products.They have succesfully implemented retail projects in Navision(along with infostore/Gopro Retail addons).You may contact the following for further details can feel free to contact

    Surya Prakash Mantha,
    Fujitsu Services,
    email: surya.prakash@services.fujitsu.com
  • Alys NSP has a Retail Solution in Navision (Alys POS add-on).
    Feel free to contact for further informations :
    Laurent SADOWICZ
    Ph : +33 328 336 500
    email : alys@alys.fr