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Additional Functionality vs Base Package

I was checking the price list for Navision Axapta and was confused with what's in the BASE PACKAGE and what you need to buy ADDITIONAL.

Am I right in understanding that you are allowed only 3 company accounts and 1 domain in the BASE Package and if you want more you have to pay additional.

Please can somebody clarify as that is the impression I got from the pricelist on the partnerguide
  • HI Jayesh,
    That is true.Every additional company account over those avlbl with the base package need to be paid for.
    Same criteria applies for Dimensions,languages,Customized reports, Tables, Forms etc. etc.
    Refer to the granules under the heading 'Application wide'.Almost all are like this.
    Dharmendra Desai
  • This is true for Navision (Attain) but not for Axapta. I'm afraid I can't answer your question in detail, but the rules between the licensing of Navision (Attain) and MBS Axapta are very different.