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How to persuade new customer to use NAV?

Dear all,

I am one of the person who find customer for NAV in South east asia. Since we open new office for a year, but we can't get a project here. We have contacted nearly all companies and ONGs, we only get a potential customers, no one decide to use NAV even if we made many presentations or talking directly with thier CEO. At first time they seem very interested with NAV, but when come to final decision they seem disagree to choose NAV. Can somebody advice me how to persuade new customer to choose NAV?




Bunrath Bo

  • hi Bunrath Bo,

    first of all, you have to make a list of customers you are aiming to convice!

    then, make a through check on those companies and see what process they are currently using and the pros and con of using that system.

    And make a presentation in such a way to show those customers that by using NAV they can increase their productivity and turn over. And this is a relatively an easy process.


    Make sure you target the right company and right customer! And to show all true details.

    hope this helps:)


  • In reply to shona:

    This should go to another forum, but don't worry, the moderators will take action on it.

    It's not the matter of persuading, or manipulating situation or such as. This is more to sales process, relationship, and understanding (either client's challenge and in depth of your solution). even microsoft has provided pre-sales 123, but it's not guarantee to achieve 100% winning rate.

    First, normally you will have competitors. competitors can be other solution or even their legacy system. even they are working on excel and access, but if it's way much simpler than NAV, this will be a big task to encounter. you need to find and show them some points that NAV is better; better than competitors, better in giving result, better in the process handling, and such as. the more skeptic your client is, the more numbers of better points you need to show them.

    the least effort is just to make equal.

    more than that, the issues can be vary. it can be issue(s) of prices, t.c.o, other cost or value, consultant quality and attitude, your or company's background, client list, or even sometime pride, like & dislike ... etc ... anything can arise.

    so, in your case, it's better to describe one case at a time, and lets find some inputs from peers here.

  • In reply to Joe Marselo:

    I come from China, 99% of our client in China is MNC, It's hard to gain a local client.

    I think the first reason is Price. Despite the price is lower than europe and US, but still very expensive compare to the local CPI.

    The second reason is the brand, no much asian people know this product.