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Willingness to negotiate

In the days of Navision Software it was sometimes possible to negotiate an extra good license discount agreement with Navision, or in otherways negotiate that you got some special terms.

Does any of you know how this is today with Microsoft?

Have any of you for example been able to negotiate an agreement where you have been able to get an extra granule into the Business Essential Edition? We're just going into last phase of renegotiating our agreement with MSFT, so I'm very interested in getting your tips on how to get two extra granules into the BE edition, which normally requires the AM edition. If we can just get these two extra granules, then we would be able to save a whole bunch, as they are really the two we are missing.

If you don't like to answer in this thread (which I would understand), then please send me an email.

Thank you very much!

  • To end customers I don't know any special agreement. But for ISV I already have heard of something like that. In on ISV that produces a major add-on add to sell AM edition to sell their add-on. Now they can sell their add-on with BE.  

     You can be considered a large customer sou you can push prices very below compared to an ordinary customer.

  • Erik;

    Did you receive my email? I tried to send you one thru Friends/Send email here in forum, but have no idea if it reached you...

  • In reply to Modris Ivans:

    Yes we have received a "Special Bid" for a customer.

    That is the reason why you have the "special bid" option in the cover page Big Smile