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SAP to Pay Oracle 1.3 Billion

I know it's not Microsoft Dynamics, but it is a competitor.


What do you think about SAP having to pay out nearly 60% of it's 2009 profit to Oracle? That's a serious amount of money.

  • When you get that big, you had better learn the Law.  But on our side of the ERP realm, cheers.

  • In reply to Jim:

    Well the article says absolutely nothing. Without some background information on what SAP did, its impossible for anyone to comment.

  • In reply to David Singleton:

    I had been reading a bunch of articles on the same subject so may have inadvertently put up the wrong one. Here's one with a bit more detail:


    A couple of excerpts:

    "A federal jury on Tuesday ordered SAP AG to pay $1.3 billion to its archenemy, Oracle Corp., for stealing customer-support documents and software in a scheme to siphon off customers."

    "Oracle's discovery that an SAP subsidiary had deployed technology to break into password-protected Oracle websites and vacuum up the contents was a golden gotcha moment."

  • In reply to Matt Traxinger:

    The thrust of SAP's defense was that it should only pay for money it made from the 358 customers it gained with the stolen data.


    SAP are talking  complete nonsense. ts not a fine for the damage, its a punishment, well deserved. They got off light, someone should have gone to jail for this.

  • In reply to David Singleton:

    It apparently also involves a former SAP bigshot that now works for HP. Taking knowledge with you when you change work places is one thing, but actually hacking into a website using stolen logic is a completely different one. There's definately crimes going on, and the people that are involved deserve to be prosecuted.

    I don't know if there are still options to appeal, but once that's all done I wouldn't be surprised if that turns into a full on investigation into patent infringement. This is serious trouble for SAP.

  • In reply to Daniel Rimmelzwaan:

    According to this one the FBI is looking into possible criminal charges. So someone may very well be going to jail.


    It talks about a number of SAP's mistakes over the past few years, like the across the board price hike during a global recession. The appeals will come and the amount lowered, but their reputation is tarnished for years, if not forever.