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Dynamics SL nun auch in deutscher Sprache


With LinguaPack For Dynamics SL, your multi-lingual project team can all use the same software without any hindrances! If you have a project team that includes non-English users, LinguaPack For Dynamics SL is the product for you!  

LinguaPack for Microsoft Dynamics SL allows Microsoft Dynamics SL to be translated into potentially unlimited number of languages, including Russian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, and others. The language enabled software allows end users to simply change the language of the user interface screens and reports while all functionality of the original software are unchanged. 


LinguaPack For Dynamics SL Advantages:


  • Use Dynamics SL in a variety of languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese!
  • Customize the translations to match your project’s requirements
  • Enable non-English users to use Dynamics SL in their language
  • Feel no difference in performance or functionality in either language
  • The same Dynamics SL instance can be used simultaneously in multiple languages by different users
  • Print reports in multiple languages 

For more info mail me on manishs@linguanext.net. PFA the video demo  : http://linguanext.net/dynamicsl.html