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Skin Colour of MBSOnline?

Having a Friday afternoon wind down period, and seeing no posting in this forum for ages, I discovered under the left hand menu the Personal section and My Options. I then found I can alter the colour of how I see mbsonline.org, it is now set to Tan. It is the little things that please people the most - so what colour are you reading this posting with?
  • Damned, I did not notice this option before!

    "Related" question: can I filter lines of a tabular form depending on the colour of the font of the primary key field?[:o)]
  • I wonder if the people who voted on LightGreen weren't just thinking that was the default?...
    Silver is the default, but you can barely tell one from the other.
    Today is a holiday in Portugal, so I have time to digress about utterly useless questions... Stick out tongue
  • If I look at the polls results, nearly 50% of the users does not even know that the colour option exist. My deduction is that nearly 50% of the users are surfing on this site for work...
    [:O)]Big Smile[:O)]