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Best beer country?

So which country (Navision country of course) produces the best beer?

Votes also count for the best pub, and the best beer.

Please note that the term "Beer" in this context has been loosely used to describe Beer, Ale, Lager, Stout etc. I may be wrong, but I believe that there is no one generic work in the English language that describes them all as a group.
  • David,

    I think you must have accidently missed out Australian?! Big Smile
  • No I didn't forget[V]. Yes there were a couple of good beers, Coopers, VB, Tennant's, XXXX, Even EB was not bad, now all of those are made by either Swan or Fosters, and all taste identical. [:(!]
  • Red Stripe from Jamaica rules man
  • OK, Belgium doesn't know soccer, but this should be a clear 10-0.
  • I thought Kilkenny was extremely good...as smooth as silk...
  • The room temperature thing is a complete myth - a warm pint is scorned here as much as anywhere else!

    That said, I still voted Belgian.
  • Hey Kristian, I'm not sure what you have in Jersey, but over the years, I have enjoyed many a warm pint of top notch Ale. Just try your local Weatherspoon's for a good choice. Especially at the begining of spring (just missed it) when they have the 100 beers a month tastings. Ah the good ole days.
  • David,

    You're right about the temperature myth - I noticed that when I first came to England. However, it's getting better (13 years I've been here now) - either that or I'm used to being served warm beer! Big Smile[}:)]
  • Ah, I see - I can't really speak for the ale since I'm more into the lager. I went to uni in Bath and we had a good deal pint-wise there. I think our beer is as mistunderstood as our cuisine...

    Here in Jersey? Well, our history of being fought over by the English and French has, I think, left us with the best drinking traditions of both. Although we don't get beer in our McDonalds like the French, sadly.
  • Belgium, Belgium, BelgiumBig SmileBig SmileBig Smile Who is voting for German beer[?][?]
  • David,

    The other thing is, the "West Country" (Somerset & Devon in particular) are renowned for their cider! Their not beer drinkers - they would say that they drink a man's drink - cider!!

    I must say it's pretty potent stuff down there, but personally, I prefer the stout's like Guiness or Caffrey's - and they're Irish!
    Big Smile
  • Give me a good Falls City anytime...


    Somebody's got to give one on this thread for the US.
  • Ireland would have made it on the list if we had one more option.
  • Djeezus, Germany on top ... This must be a voting contest like Eurosong. Germany does not know anything when it concerns food and drinks, be honest.
  • I should have bumped them and put Irelend at four. Still ... Weiss Bier mmmmm. Then again, Belgium has more good wheat beer than Germany anyway.