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HuRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaay WeekEnd IS hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 Wha's ur plan for weekend?????

  • ppl,

    This a serious community where we discuss and share our navision issues and skills.

    Lets not use it for discussing "weekend plans" or "which horror movie was best" kinda things or posting just for the sake of writing somethnig.

    we have socialising communities available to discuss those stuffs.




  • In reply to anuragatish:

     hi anurag,

    thanks for the reminder.. but u should see where i have posted.. if u have tht much problem you can remove the break space forum and see the heading of the forum correctly. 

  • In reply to Madhusudan:

    That's right - this is BREAK-SPACE!

    Well - going to a wedding reception (only non-alcohols drinks served  Crying) - tidy up the garage - wash the car - spend time with the family.

    Have a nice wekend!