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Which Is the best horro Movie you have seen.

I will go for shutter

  • Well, actually I have see quite a lot, and I would like to say that every time/decade has it's highlighs, starting from the old Bela Lugosi or King Kong movies from the 1930ies, on to the famous Hammer productions in the 50ies and so on.

    I think something to highlight is the "Zombie" aera starting in the 70ies - lot's of quite cool but gory Italian stuff from Fulci & Co. -, continued by the slasher movies starting in the 80ies ...

    One of the recent ones I find quite exceptional is "High Tension" http://www.hightensionmovie.com/.

    Last but not least, my all time favorite is Peter Jackson's (yes, it's THE Peter Jackson) "Bad Tastehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Taste