Calculate Forecast Based On BOM and Materials Stock


Is there any method In Navision on how to calculate Forecast for a product based on its BOM and Materials Stock.
For example :
I Have An Article Called 'Table'.
It's BOM Is As Follows :
2KG Of Wood.
12 Pins.
1KG Of Yellow Paint.

I Have In Stock :
200 KG Of Wood.
400 Pins.
50 KG Of Yellow Paint.

As A Result :
I can product 50 Table => My Sales Forecast Is 33 Tables (Minimum In Stock For One Table Is Pins; 400/12 = 33).

  • There's a good analysis feature called "Item Availability by BOM Level", accessible from the item card, Navigate | Availability.

    For example, for the demo bicycle, it tells us that we can produce 121 item, and the bottleneck limiting the production is the mudguard.

    It can tell you how many items you can produce from the stock, then you can use the result in sales forecasting. NAV doesn't link these two numbers directly, but uses Cortana Intelligence Suite for sales forecasting, because usually the volume of sales is limited by demand in the first place, not by the production capabilities.

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