Workflow to send an email to a lead email address

I am trying to create a workflow to auto generate a thank you response email to a new lead received. In working through the process under create new email, the dynamic value for the email address on the lead record is no available. Do I need to create this as a dynamic value to use it or is there code to refer back to the lead record and pick up the email address. Thank you in advance.

  • Check out the codeunit 5064 in NAV 2016 E-mail logging dispatcher, in there you have a call to a function where you can capture your from address and pass that as a parameter to your from and once you get that you can then write your function to send out a email and put it in job queue. Every time you get a email the function call will get the From address of the email and pass it to your function and job queue will take care of executing your code.

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