Dynamics 365 Sales and Operations working together

So I have managed to deploy a Dynamics 365 for Sales trial. I also have an LCS account with an Azure subscription with working Dynamics 365 for Operations running. How do I get the two to talk to each other?

  • I was told that the integration (common data model) between the apps aren't ready yet.  To be honest I heard that even the technology to sponsor the integration isn't fully decided upon yet.  I haven't seen much about a release date other than some future state vision stuff about what you'll eventually be able to do.  Even checking the new roadmap at roadmap.dynamics.com doesn't tell us much.

    I seriously hope that it's something more than flow.  Microsoft announced that the sales app recently released support for Flow, Logic Apps and Power Apps.  But if that's the extent, and a few more hooks are built into the Operations app... I'm worried.


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