What is Project Madeira vs Microsoft Dynamics 365?

One of the big remaining questions in terms of Project Madeira is what its going to be branded as.

Microsoft's announcement of Dynamics 365 nor any of their follow-up posts, didn't mention Project Madeira as such.

But what they did mention is that there will be different editions of Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business: According to Marko Perisic (GM of NAV/Madeira R&D), then Project Madeira will be "a part" of this edition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise: Like NAV (aka Project Madeira) is part of the business edition, then Dynamics AX's SAAS edition will be a part of the enterprise edition.

But except from it's "native" integration with Office 365, then what else will be part of these editions? 

I hope that we know much more next week, when Microsoft's yearly Worldwide Partner Conference takes place.

  • Erik, i'm looking all over but i thought I read that D365 for Financials (Madeira) will fully catch up with NAV functionality by the end of Q1 2017. Have you heard anything like that?

    It also might have been a dream because i can't find the article anymore. But maybe you can confirm this dream (nightmare?) of mine?