What is the Section Designer?

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Erik P. Ernst
on 2008-12-2
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What is the Section Designer?

After you have defined one or more data items, you can design the visual layout of the report in the Section Designer. You can use the Field Menu to select fields and place them in the sections as controls. You can think of each section as one or more lines on the paper that the report will eventually be printed on.

A header section is printed only once, while a body section is typically printed several times as each loop of the report is iterated. You can control whether the header should be printed every time a page break occurs while the body sections of the same data item are being printed.

You can edit properties and triggers for each section by opening the Properties window or the C/AL Editor, respectively, while the section is selected. The controls you place in the sections have a subset of the properties that controls have on forms, not all the properties are relevant for a report. You can use the same tools to modify the properties (the Font Tool, the Color Tool). You can see a list of the properties in the Properties window.

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