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  • Functions

    Dear Team, I want to learn basic C/AL language.
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by Rajendra on 2014-5-2
    Filed under: Architecture, C/AL, C/AL Editor, C/DART, C/SIDE, classic client, Classic Server, clients, codeunits, Commerce Gateway, Conference, Database, dataports, Dates, Designer, Dynamics, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics NAV: Date Management, Employee Portal, FBK, FDB File, Fields, forms, Installation, Language Modules, Mergetool, Multi-Language, Native DB, NAV 2009, NAV 2013, NAV 5.0, NAV server, NAV Upgrade, Navigator, Navision, Navision 2009, Navision Attain, Navision Financials, Navision Upgrade, objects, Pages, properties, reports, Restore, role tailored, RTC, servers, SQL, SQL Server, Startup Parameters, Startup Properties, System Requirements, tables, three-tier, Tips & Tricks, two-tier, Upgrade, Upgrade Toolkit, User Portal, web services, xmlports, ZUP file
  • Data Type mismatch Nav 2013 issue

    Hi guys , Recently i upgraded Nav2009 R2 to nav 2013 and when i try to access my pages which in turn access the tables it gives me error saying that the value contained in the SQL server is incompatible with the data type of the table created in Navision. But this was working perfectly fine in Nav 2009...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Developers Forum by Saurabh on 2013-6-18
    Filed under: SQL Server, Upgrade, NAV 2009, navision, NAV 2009 R2, NAV 2013
  • Navision Upgrade path and Support

    About to buy a new server and move the current setup on to this server, question is how far do I go with Current set up is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 standard Edition SQL server 2005 Dynamics NAV 5.0 Going to move to either Microsoft Windows Server 2008 standard Edition SQL server 2008 Dynamics NAV...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Technical Forum by Paul Lenehan on 2013-3-21
    Filed under: SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, NAV 5.0, Dynamics NAV, Navision, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Upgrade, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, EDI
  • Mergetool for Dynamics NAV 2013 - performance issues?

    I have been using Mergetool for many years. Don't really remember how many, but it was back to when it was included on the Navision tools cd. Speed has never really been an issue, as long as it was in a native database. But the last year or so, even with a SQL Server database performance has been...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Developers Forum by Erik P. Ernst on 2012-11-6
    Filed under: Performance, SQL Server, Mergetool, Upgrade, NAV 2009, navision, Dynamics NAV, Native Database, NAV 2013
  • No data returned from SELECT when a field contains an ampersand? (SQL/ODBC query)

    Hello, I upgraded to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ODBC Driver v6.0.32964.00 and got the following strange behaviour. Lets say I want to select an entry from a table. If I use something like this and the entry with the name 'Meier & Sohn' exists SELECT Nr_,Name FROM Kreditor WHERE Gesperrt=0...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Integration Forum by Th Kn on 2012-10-2
    Filed under: SQL Server, navision, Dynamics NAV, ODBC, Development, Excel, Nav 2009, SQL, Select statement, ampersand, No data, Upgrade, Query, Lotus Notes, NAV Server
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