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  • Five challenges to prepare for when selecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

    Editor's Note: Sandor Schellenberg will be presenting a live webcast on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 integration scenarios on October 24 th . The cloud has created a booming business opportunity for businesses of all sizes. More and more companies are shifting their strategy to include the use of...
    Posted to - CRM by on 2014-9-17
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  • From the Microsoft Dynamics AX blogs: AX 2012 HCM updates; Direct database queries; Performance issues; R3 Project revenue recognition

    A selection of the latest insight from the Dynamics AX blogs: Zero Earning Pay Statements; ENUM values missing in SRSANALYSISENUMS Table; Managing General Performance Issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX; Straight Line Project Revenue Recognition in AX 2012 R3 CU8 AX 2012 R2 HCM Zero Earning Pay Statements...
    Posted to - AX by on 2014-9-15
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  • New look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM roadmap through Q2 2015 reveals new code names, more four-part release waves

    An updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM roadmap surfaced today and it featured a release schedule beyond the Q4 2014 major release codenamed “Vega”, which may become "CRM 2015". Moving into the year2015, the Dynamics CRM roadmap continues to separate features between social, marketing...
    Posted to - CRM by on 2014-9-5
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  • A Tutorial: Setting Up Microsoft Azure for Test and Development Environments

    Organizations today have many options when it comes to the deployment of their ERP systems. And if you've weighed the pros of a cloud deployment, you have likely researched highly marketed platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, and how to best utilize them. Although we strongly recommend leveraging...
    Posted to - NAV by on 2014-8-28
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  • Functions

    Dear Team, I want to learn basic C/AL language.
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by Rajendra on 2014-5-2
    Filed under: Architecture, C/AL, C/AL Editor, C/DART, C/SIDE, classic client, Classic Server, clients, codeunits, Commerce Gateway, Conference, Database, dataports, Dates, Designer, Dynamics, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics NAV: Date Management, Employee Portal, FBK, FDB File, Fields, forms, Installation, Language Modules, Mergetool, Multi-Language, Native DB, NAV 2009, NAV 2013, NAV 5.0, NAV server, NAV Upgrade, Navigator, Navision, Navision 2009, Navision Attain, Navision Financials, Navision Upgrade, objects, Pages, properties, reports, Restore, role tailored, RTC, servers, SQL, SQL Server, Startup Parameters, Startup Properties, System Requirements, tables, three-tier, Tips & Tricks, two-tier, Upgrade, Upgrade Toolkit, User Portal, web services, xmlports, ZUP file
  • AX v3 i/o Error

    We have encountered the following error message on our AX v3 and would be grateful of any advice that you may have to a possible fix and next steps please , David Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 2 I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0x000003b53a2000 in file 'E:\SQL_DATA\AXDB_MEK_LIVE...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Technical Forum by David Stewart on 2014-2-17
    Filed under: Axapta 3.0, SQL Server, torn page
  • AX 2012 R2 Installation Error

    Hi All I am trying to Install AX 2012 R2 on Server 2008 R2.I am getting error as follows: An error occurred in modifying the size and autogrowth properties of data and log files for database MicrosoftDynamicsAX_model Reason: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Technical Forum by H.S Reddy on 2014-2-9
    Filed under: Installation, AX 2012, SQL Server, autogrowth
  • Bad performance on 1 specific index in T17

    Hi all Experts, I'm having a (to mee) strange issue at a client. We experience a really bad performance in 1 particullar index in table 17. The index in question is "Document No.,Posting Date" We have 3 DB's, 1 for Development (DEV), 1 for testing (TEST) and 1 for production (PROD)...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Microsoft SQL Server Forum by Alexander Pallesen on 2014-1-13
    Filed under: SQL Server, nav 2009 r2
  • Fail to connect to SQL Server - Three tiers

    Dear experts I have a problem of the system. My System is: - 1 sql server - 1 NAV Service Server - Client The System worked well, but the IT department change the IP of NAV Service Server. Then i got the problem: - Client cannot connect, it shows error :"Cannot connect to SQL Server", like...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Technical Forum by Quang Nguyen on 2013-10-12
    Filed under: SQL Server
  • How to restore a native Navision database to SQL Server?

    When moving from the "native Navision" database to use SQL Server the way is to create a Navision backup and restore this into SQL Server. But if you are restoring a very large Navision backup then it will be something that will take a very long time, even for a strong SQL Server. When Navision...
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by Erik P. Ernst on 2009-8-16
    Filed under: Native DB, Navision, SQL Server
  • AX 2009: Configuring Enterprise Portal and Role Centers with SQL Server Reporting

    Microsoft Dynamics ® AX 2009 Configuring Enterprise Portal and Role Centers with SQL Server Reporting White Paper This document contains checklists and information to help administrators set up and configure Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal and Role Centers with Microsoft SQL Server®...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta - Documentation, presentations and white papers by Erik P. Ernst on 2009-1-14
    Filed under: Dynamics AX, AX 2009, Reporting Services, SQL Server, Enterprise Portal, Role Center, white paper, Analysis services
  • NAV SQL Procedure Management

    Improve performance on the SQL Server option by easily creating, using and managing T-SQL statements and procedures directly from NAV. The NAV SQL Procedure Management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it easy to manage T-SQL calls and stored procedures from within NAV, and also makes it easy to...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics Presentations and webcasts by Per Laurits Pedersen on 2007-12-4
    Filed under: Dynamics NAV, Performance, T-SQL, SQL Server, SQL Stored Procedures
  • Microsoft Navision SQL Resource Kit

    Microsoft Navision SQL Resource Kit Use this tool for planning your SQL implementations This toolkit contains the following; Application Benchmark Tool DB Sizing Worksheet SQL Server Resource Kit Performance Troubleshooting Guide Objects to use the tools discussed in the above material. Update (June...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision - Tools and tricks by Erik P. Ernst on 2007-9-18
    Filed under: Performance, Troubleshooting, Toolkit, SQL Server, Dynamics NAV, Resource, Implementation
  • NAV 5.00: Security Hardening Guide White Paper

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.00 Security Hardening Guide White Paper Introduction Microsoft® provides operating systems with sophisticated standards-based network security. In the broadest sense, security involves planning and considering trade-offs. For example, a computer can be locked in a vault and only...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision - Documentation, presentations and white papers by Erik P. Ernst on 2007-3-31
    Filed under: Security, NAV 5.0, ISA, Virus, Wireless Networks, Passwords, Firewalls, Backups, SQL Server, Best Practice, POS, white paper, Authentication, Database Server, Employee Portal, Employees, License
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