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  • Why You Should Integrate Your Financial System to Microsoft Dynamics CRM: From a Controller’s Perspective

    A controller’s primary tool is an ERP system since all of the financial information is stored there, but that does not mean that they are not invested or interested in the details from other departments across the organization. The finance department is typically solicited to pull financial data because...
    Posted to CRM Software Blog on 2015-8-29
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  • Report PDF Font Embedding

    In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 CU 16 und Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 CU 4 wurde ein weiteres Feature Namens “Report PDF Font Embedding” eingebaut. Diese Feature finden Sie in der “Administration Konsole” als neuen Schalter. Wird diese Option deaktiviert, so wird keine Schriftart in ein PDF Dokument...
    Posted to German NAV Developers Blog on 2015-2-10
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  • Request page automation in NAV 2015

    Most of What’s New information about NAV 2015 will mostly talk about the Word report layouts, as well as the C/AL support for these. However, most of the What’s New documentation doesn’t have a single word about what I find among the most exciting new reporting features in C/AL: the capability to programmatically...
    Posted to Navigate Into Success by Vjekoslav Babic on 2014-10-6
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  • [RDLC] Right alignment of texts

    This is probably one of those things all experienced RDLC report developers know since day one. But since I couldn't find it when "googleing" or "binging", it is still something that can make your live a bit easier. When right-aligning a text on a report, (i.e. a header for a...
    Posted to Marco's Blog by Marco de Vries on 2014-9-4
    Filed under: Tips and tricks, Reports, RDLC, NAV 2013
  • Functions

    Dear Team, I want to learn basic C/AL language.
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by Rajendra on 2014-5-2
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  • To generate multiple report at one time

    Hi, I have to generate multiple report at one time and condition for the report is that we have to create one report for every customer but for every customer there are many journal lines and for every journal lines there are many invoices/documents , so when we open the report all the reports of each...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta Technical Forum by sharabh singh on 2013-9-19
    Filed under: Reports
  • External Customer account statement

    Hi I run the Customer account statement report from AR>Reports>External>customer account statement. This report does not show open project invoices. Report only shows regular or free text invoices in the list. Is there other way to see full customer account statement with all invoice types?...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta End User Forum by Girish on 2013-9-18
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  • Actuals verses Estimates report

    Hi Using NAV 2013: Is there a report somewhere in NAV 2013 which shows the Actual set/run etc. times against the Routing (estimated) Set/Run etc. times ? Ideally also showing Actual Purchase costs (inc. Sub contract costs) against estimated costs in NAV ? Or do we need to write a new report ? Thanks...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision End User Forum by Charthouse Data Management Ltd. on 2013-8-5
    Filed under: Reports, NAV 2013, Purchase, Actuals, Estimates
  • Delivery precision

    I need to create a report for delivery reliablity in purchase line. . The purpose of “Delivery Reliability” is to illustrate delivery precision for the worst 15 suppliers, shows delivery performance. This means The above report will be grouped w.r.t supplier those have Status ‘late’...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics GP / Great Plains Development Forum by Rajesh on 2013-7-18
    Filed under: Reports, Reporting services, Performance
  • What is the Section Designer?

    After you have defined one or more data items, you can design the visual layout of the report in the Section Designer. You can use the Field Menu to select fields and place them in the sections as controls. You can think of each section as one or more lines on the paper that the report will eventually...
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by harish on 2012-10-4
    Filed under: C/SIDE, objects, reports
  • What are RoleTailored Client Report objects?

    Contents Layout in Reports for the RoleTailored Client The process for designing reports for the RoleTailored client is different than the process for designing reports for the Classic client, and it offers more options for creating reports that provide dynamic data. When you create a report in Microsoft...
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by Erik P. Ernst on 2009-8-5
    Filed under: NAV 2009, objects, reports, role tailored
  • What are DataItems?

    The DataItem part of the Report Designer window is where you define the data model of the report by adding the data items (tables) and indenting them appropriately. Then you can edit the data item properties and triggers for the data items. You open the property window from the View menu (Alt+V + P)...
    Posted to The Dynamics NAV / Navision FAQ by Erik P. Ernst on 2009-7-29
    Filed under: C/SIDE, objects, reports
  • Dynamics AX add-on "Report Mailer"

    Have you ever sent reports as e-mail attachments directly from Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) and would have liked to have a more user-friendly layout? Do you also think that the Outlook dialogue requiring you to confirm that the report e-mail is sent is unnecessary? Would you like your reports such as...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics AX / Axapta - Documentation, presentations and white papers by dyxon on 2008-8-19
    Filed under: Dynamics AX, reports, add-on, Outlook
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