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  • 10 Resources to Help Dynamics CRM Administrators Succeed

    If you are the Administrator of your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system (either by accident or by design) you are likely flooded with daily questions and requests from your CRM users. Staying on top of your game as a CRM Admin requires staying current on all the latest CRM news and trends,...
    Posted to CRM Software Blog on 2014-4-19
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  • How To: Standardize Telephone Numbers with Javascript in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    How to add Telephone Number Standardizing Javascript to CRM 2011 and 2013: Instructions for CRM 2011: The script found below will take a string of 10 numbers and convert them to the following format: (###) ###-####. Identify the script to be used: function FormatPhoneNumber(fieldName) { var oField =...
    Posted to CRM Software Blog on 2014-4-14
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  • Put CRM Next On The Agenda

    Marketing and sales managers often have a weekly meeting with their teams to discuss marketing campaigns, sales figures, customer concerns, and provide updates on budgets or spending. The next time you meet, add an agenda item and discuss implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution...
    Posted to CRM Software Blog on 2014-3-26
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  • Integrating Java business applications with the Customer Care Accelerator for Dynamics CRM

    The Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) allows companies to integrate their business applications into one customer care application. While a previous addresses what kind of business applications could be implemented in CCA and the business value this could add to a company, this article will focus on the...
    Posted to - CRM by on 2014-3-24
    Filed under: Dynamics CRM, Customer Service, Customer Relationship Mgmt, Data Integration, CRM 2011, .NET, CRM 2013, Customer Care Accelerator (CCA), Java
  • Modifying the 'Sales Stage' Field

    Hi all, I'm trying to modify the Sales pipeline report, we do not use the 'Sales Stage' field, in fact it has been removed from the opportunities form altogether, but I can't find how to remove it from the actual Sales Pipeline report, so I thought if I can't remove it I'll modify...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM End User Forum by NeoGen on 2013-9-3
    Filed under: CRM 2011, Sales Stage, Sales Pipeline, EDI
  • CRM 2011 workflow query

    Hello, I have the below scenario, any help would be greatly appreciated. In my accounts entity, I need to create a workflow which will basically search for a reference number from an entity and then change the status of the record. This needs to be automated. For example, I receive an email of correspondence...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Forum by sam ratcliffe on 2013-8-1
    Filed under: Workflow, CRM4.0, CRM 2011, CRM 2011 customization & Upgrade, Query
  • Receiving error while integrating CRM and NAV

    We are in the process of integration CRM and NAV. Our Scenario is to update the CRM Quote to NAV sales quote. Our client using NAV database version is 2009 SP1 and application version is NAV 2009 R2 and CRM 2011 Rollup 11. We have done the solution upgrade for connector in Navision database to achieve...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Integration Forum by premkumar on 2013-7-20
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  • integrating NAV-CRM using Microsoft Dynamics NAV connector

    Hi, I am integrating NAV-CRM and using NAV 2009 R2, CRM 2011. We are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV connector for integrating NAV and CRM. We need to map the fields of Quote in CRM to Sales Quote in NAV. We have used the following fields in sales header and sales line, SALES QUOTE HEADER BASE NAV Sell...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision Integration Forum by vinothraj vs on 2013-6-27
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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 BETA

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 BETA. Get the all new and highly anticipated release of Dynamics CRM with hundreds of new features and enhancements focused on delivering productivity to users, manager and developers. The download link brings you to the Microsoft website where you must register before you...
    Posted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Official Downloads by Erik P. Ernst on 2010-10-14
    Filed under: Dynamics CRM, CRM 2011, BETA
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