• Re: Moderator announcement

    Unintentionally, I checked the Starting Date of the new price list. Turned out, that at midnight, April 2, it voluntarily changed to 1753/01/01 00:00:00.000... Therefore, you do not need to worry about your Bitcoin (and other) accounts - our forum is still here & free of charge :) PS As this is an enduser forum I should explain what techies of course know - 1753/Jan/1 is the SQL value for empty date...
  • Moderator announcement (April 1st)

    Dear DUG users and colleague admins & moderators! Soon it will be10 years since I joined DUG, in the beginning as user, now many years as moderator. DUG is by no means a cool resource, I have learned much myself and tried my best to help with advices - not always truthful - to others. As you all know, DUG is run & maintained by volunteers, and up to now we have got along well without any remuneration. But it's hard time now, different crisis hit us from time to time, starting with global
  • Placing a control to a form

    Welcome to forum! DEMO license, the only one available together with NAV distribution media, allows to try NAV as end-user and even that is limited - details here . (that's for version 2015, for other versions click the combobox under page title) "Trying" NAV development therefore is practically impossible, if you are not an employee of corresponding MS Partner company - or of an end-user, who has bought the very limited dev "tools" available to them. Those minimal possibilities
  • Re: LCY Currency

    [quote user="Maria Mullan"]When it is transferred into NAV it will have the GBP Currency Code instead of a 'BLANK' currency code as is standard in NAV for LCY[/quote] What is the reason you can not eliminate the problem at this level and conditionally NOT transfer curr.code IF it matches LCY of target system? You're correct assuming there will be problems. LCY code must sit ONLY in one place - GL Setup / LCY Code, and by no means in can be included first & foremost in Currency
  • Re: SIFT Tables/Views

    SIFT are tables, VSIFT are views. And here we come to different versions of NAV. SIFT Tables are updated by NAV logic @ the moment when a post is done, and those contain real summary data. VIEWS in fact are stored queries, even indexed views introduced in latest versions of MSSQL DB. Those contain no real data, only the definition.When a view is used in any way, the script underneath is run - optimized, pre-compiled, but RUN. The WITH SCHEMABINDING clause allows indexing to speed up the query, but
  • Re: SIFT Tables/Views

    here's the proof.. CREATE VIEW [somecompany$G_L Entry$VSIFT$1] WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT "G_L Account No_", "Posting Date", COUNT_BIG(*) "$Cnt", SUM("Amount") "SUM$Amount", SUM("Debit Amount") "SUM$Debit Amount", SUM("Credit Amount") "SUM$Credit Amount", SUM("Additional-Currency Amount") "SUM$Additional-Currency Amount", SUM("Add_-Currency Debit Amount") "SUM$Add_-Currency
  • Re: SIFT Tables/Views

    OK, but you can not add (define) all & every index if there's not SCHEMABININDIG with all it's consequences
  • Re: SIFT Tables/Views

    I see we have left Navision & gone to underlying DB instead :) As this is MSSQL, and, as nobody knows more about SQL-NAV intricacies (and SQL as such), as Jorg, I'll take the courage to move this thread to another forum. Jorg - help us to solve OP question ? PS sorry for misspelling, i've latin kb only edit: or? consider an ideally flexible spherical cow in vacuum? maybe our discussion lies at that level?
  • Re: Navision 2013 License Permission

    SQL has nothing to do with licensed users count - what says your NAV license? You can check the .FLF file (the actual license) opening it with Notepad, or the supplementing .TXT file, there even in human-readable format you can find the users count. OR, maybe you've loaded another license to SQL server, an older one with 20 users only? Then you should "upload" the new one.
  • Re: Type in different languages in Navision 5

    Language modules allow to change interface (captions, menus) language ONLY, not data in the fields. In version 5 there is no UNICODE support for data - neither in code, nor in database level. Therefore, you can use only one non-Latin alphabet language concurrently, in your case, Russian. French uses mostly Latin characters, but all characters with diacritical marks will be displayed sometimes as garbage, sometimes questions marks or wrong diacritical marks.
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