• How to find inventory at a date

    Only the Inventory Valuation Report can be used to get inventory quantities & value at particular date. Item List ALWAYS shows total Qty of given item over all locations, ignoring entered but not posted documents - in fact, rather useless info, as it changes rapidly, plus, there might be transactions that have been taken place in real life, but not yet entered in the system (mostly incoming, as for outgoing normally a doc is prepared before the actual delivery / consumption).
  • Need to buy MS Dynamics NAV development License

    If you had searched the forum , you could easily find out that this is impossible. First & foremost because such DEV license do not exist as such. A license allowing FULL development (access to ALL objects) can obtain only MS Partners with respective competency. Endusers can buy App Dev "granules", but those are still limited in what can be done with a Partner license and the cost is very high. Finally, an individual (e.g. freelance developer) can't get such license at all - unless
  • Re: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Database

    It is NOT possible to delete ALL data before some date, it would cause numerous problems if done. To reduce DB size, have a look at Admin / IT Admin / Data Deletion. There are several options - you can delete data from Document tables, as these are in fact no longer needed after docs have been posted. Ledger tables can be date-compressed only, deletion there is not allowed as all the balances will go nuts if you simply delete some entries. To get more info what each of the batchjobs there do please
  • Modue in Nav

    There are no mandatory steps as you described them, but you should follow the overall "rules" of NAV architecture and workflow. Of course, from the all possible tables you create only those really required in your module, not all of the possible types you named in your post. Additional requirements apply, if you intend to create an official NAV AddOn and therefore are going to get it officially registered with MS as such. Problem is, that in fact normal documents describing these requirements
  • Creating a manual ASN

    Welcome to forum! This question is more likely to be addressed to Lanham support for quicker response, as not many Lanham products users show up here in forum... (I suggest by ASN you meant Advance Ship Notice )
  • Re: Navision V5

    SQL 2008 may be the latest officially confirmed by MS, but NAV v5 SP 2 successfully runs on SQL 2012 and SQL 2014. I have a client running production NAV v5 SP 2 on 2012 Express x64, and my dev base for them sits on my SQL 2014 DevEd x64. First I suggested to install one more instance of older SQL for v5, but then tried to run it on SQL 2014, up to now I haven't encountered any problems. OS is Win7 x64 for workstations, too, not only the servers.
  • Consumables for FAs on NAV 5.0

    Short answer is NO - standard NAV has no mechanism to add Items from Inventory to FA directly. However, you can add new parts / consumables / repair expenses (in other words, everything that goes under FA Posting Type= Acq.Cost or Maintenance, these two are available to choose) through PO/PI. In this case Inventory will not be hit, all stuff goes directly to FA. To add from Inventory w/o any customisation, you need: make negative adjustment to Items, probably using a special Inv.Adjustment GL Account
  • HY024

    It is in fact a SQL Server setting. If you can't get access thru SSMS and noone is running NAV at that time, that means this single user is NAV middle tier (NAV Server) - stop the service for a moment, then for sure you will be able to connect thru SMMS and change the DB to MULTI_USER. Database / Properties / Options and scroll to Restrict Acess However, that's strange you are not allowed to do it while the NAV Server is running...
  • Re: Description on reports in NAV 2013

    I suppose you mean Description field in GL - it is so by design. When posting documents to GL, their lines are grouped together by GL Account and Dimensions (in later versions Dimension Sets), so there is no way to carry over Descriptions from individual document lines. If your, say, Invoice, has 20 lines with the same Posting Groups (that determines GL Account) and same Dimensions (Sets), in GL there will be only ONE summarized entry in GL with no place to store all 20 different descriptions. However
  • Re: Import a tabel from a diffrent database in Navision ? How ?

    Those are entry pages in MSDN for NAV developers: Developer and IT Pro Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Developer and IT Pro Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and this is Using Linked Objects directly...
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