Manufacturing Cost & Oerheads


We are using Microsoft NAV 4.0 SP3 ,  Can anyone guide how to define the manufacting costs and overheads so that we can extraact this information from the system.

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  • Mfg costs and overheads r combination of material + capacities costs. The overheads for capacities can be mentioned on Work Centers or thru ur routing lines.

    If u r an end user I would advise you to talk to your partner and if u r working for a partner then I wud suggest u to go thru manufacturing costs pdf.



    1. Mention the version of the database in your posts

    2. If ur earlier issues are solved please mark them so, if not please continue and update them with the queries u have pending related to them, if any.

    3. If urs is a localization issue please mention that as well.

  • In reply to Kapil Khanna:

    Number of units produced 6,000
    Cost of goods manufactured $168,000
    Work in process inventory, beginning $9,000
    Work in process inventory, ending $15,000
    Direct materials cost per unit $6
    Direct labor cost per unit $10
    Manufacturing overhead cost ?

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