NAV Easy Security Light (ESL1.07)

posted by Per Mogensen

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NAV Easy Security Light (ESL1.07)

NAV Easy Security Light is an efficient, cost-effective way to maintain security in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, greatly enhancing NAV's security features - perfect for companies with less complex security requirements. Available for both the Classic Client and Role Tailored Client, Easy Security Light lets you manage access controls and security roles through easy to use wizards - without modifying the base objects within NAV, so no merging is required. And Easy Security Light is fully integrated with all the features in the Role Tailored Client, such as FactBoxes and the Action Pane.

NAV Easy Security Light is supplied free of charge from and Microsoft. The solution can be used with a CRONUS (demo) license or added to a customers license at no charge (from Microsoft and The Module that must be added by the NAV Partner is 14123010.

Language Modules for Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are included.

New in ESL1.07:

A new report has been added that can be used to verify the number of tables used by any process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By using this process can a process be verified so only the proper number of tables are changed by the process. This YouTube video show how this is used. 

A button on the Security setup was not clued properly, this has been corrected.